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The BVCF area extends from Topley to Kitwanga including Granisle, Houston, Telkwa, Smithers, Witset and the Hazeltons.

Learning Awards

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 Learning Awards

Each year income from BVCF endowments is offered to students to assist with reaching educational goals. Applications are accepted in Spring. Students can apply for four types of Learning Awards:

Fritz Pfeiffer Adult Learning Award
BVCF Grade 12 Learning Award
Wetzin’kwa Grade 12 Learning Award
George Tugnum Adult Learning Award

These awards start at $1,000.00 . We offer numerous awards each year.


  • Each award has slightly different criteria.
  • Each award requires a separate application.
  • Click on the ‘Learn More’ link below for complete instructions

The BVCF has awarded grants since the early 1990’s. Our funds come from interest earned on donations from many generous individual and business donors. Our smallest grants are for a few hundred dollars. We have awarded grants for up to $6,000.00 but the average grant is in the $1,000.00 to $3,000.00 range. Our total available funding each year depends on donations and interest earned.

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BVCF Strategic Plan

Community Impact Grants

The preference is for one project for the full value that will create a major impact in the Bulkley Valley. However, smaller projects will be considered. The Foundation will review all submissions and select the project or combination of projects that best fits our objectives.

The project(s) will help us to fulfill our fields of interest and areas of focus as identified in the BVCF 2021 Strategic Plan. BVCF fields of interest are:  Community, cultural, fine arts, education, social and family, sports and recreation, youth and health. 

    Photo Gallery


    Topley 4-H

    Achievement Day

    Smithers Public Library

    Literacy kits for children and families

    Salvation Army

    Food banks in Smithers, Houston and the Hazeltons

    StoryWalk Smithers

    Story Boards

    Bulkley Valley Naturalists

    Bird Life Interpretive Sign for Willowvale Marsh

    Christmas food hamper

    BV Collaborative Learning

    Cycle 16 Trail Society

    Smithers Ski Patrol



    Smithers Skatepark Society

    Skatepark Expansion Project

    Spinal cord injury BC

    Virtual Workshops

    Cycle 16

    Bike Path

    Groundbreakers Agricultural Association

    Kitchen Lending Library

    Town of Smithers

    Town of Smithers Affordable Recreat

    Houston Link to Learning


    District of New Hazelton

    Exercise Equipment

    Smithers Curling Club



    Breakfast Program

    BV Museum Grant

    Display Hardware

    Telkwa Community Garden


    2020 and earlier

    Positive Living North

    Healthy Nutrition Program

    Spinal cord injury BC

    Virtual Workshops

    Valley Youth Fiddlers


    Treehouse Housing Association


    Kids Dig Food Camp

    Operational Costs

    Bulkley Valley Pool

    Recreation Access Program

    Cycle 16

    Cycle Path Construction

    Smithers Soup Kitchen


    Buck Creek/Canfor Hatchery 2020

    Smithers Community Band

    Folding chairs to take to concert venues.

    Starting Smart Collective Kitchen

    Food and Equipment

    Learner Opportunity Group

    Baby Welcome Bags 2020

    Houston Link to Learning

    Kitchen Renovation

    Misty Rivers Community Arts Council

    Gallery hanging system for gallery in Old Hazelton

    Smithers Public Library

    large print books and books on CD

    SSS girls' rugby

    New Uniforms

    Smithers Public Library

    Library Grant

    Morice Mountain Nordic Ski Club

    Ski Lending Library

    Hope Air

    Medical Travel Assistance

    Hazelton Gun Club

    Sinage and Safety Gate

    Misty Rvers Recording Studio


    Horses Touching Hearts

    Operational Costs

    Bulkley Valley Fall Fair

    New Shavings Bin

    Hazelton Elementary

    PAC playground equipment

    Skeena Bakery

    New Flooring

    Bulkley Valley Research Centre's

    Augmented Reality Sandbox at the SSS library

    Upper Skeena Development


    Smithers Scouts

    Operational Costs

    Smithers Art Gallery

    Pop-up Tent

    Gitanmaax Nursery School

    Learners Opportunity Group

    Kispiox Valley Community Centre

    Improvment Grant

    Bulkley Valley Museum

    Regional Education Workshop

    Smithers Ski Patrol

    Safety Equipment

    BV Gymnastics Association

    Equipment Revitalization

    Each year the BVCF offers community grants to qualified charitable organizations with the

    purpose ofis to enhancinge the quality of life in our communities.


    October 15 – grant cycle begins

    November 30 – 5 PM – deadline for grant applications


    We have awarded grants for projects that support community members from a wide range of ages and interests. BVCF fields of interest are education, social/family, fine arts, cultural, health, youth, community and sports/recreation. Grants typically range in size from a few hundred to $7,000.00.


    The BVCF area for granting extends from Topley to Kitwanga including Granisle, Houston, Telkwa, Smithers and the Hazeltons in North Central B.C.


    Organizations that are registered charities or qualified donees under the Income Tax Act are eligible to apply for BVCF grants.

    Organizations that are NOT registered charities or qualified donees under the Income Tax Act may be eligible to apply for BVCF grants by contracting with an agency that is a registered charity, which will

    • agree to have their charitable registration number used on the application

    • accept any funds on behalf of the applicant

    • provide a written statement of their agreement.

    Grants are NOT made to individuals or businesses.

    Refer to BVCF Grant Policy here for more information.


    BVCF will enter into written grant agreements with successful applicants.


    Projects must be completed 12 months from the date of the grant agreement. BVCF must approve any extensions or changes

    Multi-year grants and multi-agency grants may be awarded in some cases and additional conditions will apply.


    Applicants must specify how BVCF contributions will be publicly acknowledged. 


    Organizations must submit a final report once the project is completed. Final reports must be received for previous grants before new grants are awarded. Grant final reports should include at least one photo of the project that BVCF can publish. Refer to How to Complete the Grant Final Report.


    Learning Awards Application Deadline

     Learning Award intakes start April 1st each year

    Annually, May 15th








    Grant Application Deadline

     Grant intakes start October 15th each year

    November 30th, 5:00 pm