Community Impact Grant


A grant or grants with value of up to $250,000.00 is available

The preference is for one project for the full value that will create a major impact in the Bulkley Valley. However, smaller projects will be considered.

The Foundation will review all submissions and select the project or combination of projects that best fits our objectives.

The project(s) will help us to fulfill our fields of interest and areas of focus as identified in the BVCF Strategic Plan.

BVCF fields of interest are: Community, cultural, fine arts, education, social and family, sports and recreation, youth and health. See the BVCF Strategic Plan for more info here.

  • Main impact will be in the Smithers area, but impact across the BVCF area is beneficial.
    May benefit rural and/or urban public of any ages, abilities and walks of life.
  • Will be in the local communities’ public interest.
  • May be currently underway, roughly planned or in the vision phase.
  • May enable further charitable activity for your group or other groups.
  • Will be completed within two years of grant award.




Organizations that are registered charities or qualified donees under the Income Tax Act are eligible to apply.

Organizations that are not registered charities or qualified donees under the Income Tax Act may be eligible to apply for the grant by contracting with an agency that is a registered charity, which will agree to have their charitable registration number used on the application, accept any funds on behalf of the applicant and provide a written statement of their agreement. Such an agreement doesn’t need to be in place in order to submit an Expression of Interest, but will be required if needed at the full application stage.

Applicants may seek funds from multiple sources.

Applicants may partner with other organizations. Resource sharing, service expansion and knowledge sharing are acceptable. However, the successful applicant will be responsible for project completion.

This grant will not made to individuals or businesses.

BVCF will not fund annual core operating expenses, salaries and wages of organizations, operating or capital deficits, fund raising or endowment campaigns, expenditures for direct religious activities, or travel expenses unless essential to project delivery.

Organizations that applied previously are welcome to reapply.


See BVCF Grant Policy here


Previous projects:

Community Impact Grants 2022

​Thanks to a generous local donor, significant grants have been awarded to Bulkley Valley organizations. 

Witset First Nation

$100,000.00 for the Witset Ball Park Revitalization project.

Buck Creek/Canfor Hatchery and Nature Centre

$105,000.00 for indoor classroom and office space.

Community Impact Grants 2021

​Thanks to a generous local donor, significant grants have been awarded to Bulkley Valley organizations. 

The Grendel Group

Grendel Group (Family Advocates):  $200,000.00 for GrendelHouse supervised residence.

The Bulkley Valley Cross Country Ski Club

Bulkley Valley Cross Country Ski Club:  $21,000.00 to assist with costs of the Ski S’Kool program over a three-year period.

The Bulkley Valley Regional Swimming Pool

Bulkley Valley Regional Swimming Pool:  $25,000.00 towards facility upkeep and enhancement project.

The Morice Mountain Nordic Ski Club

Morice Mountain Nordic Ski Club:  $25,000.00 to improve drainage and shaping of the trail system.

We welcome contributions of any size at any time

donations are pooled and invested. The annual earnings are given back to our communities – every year – in perpetuity!