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Job Posting - Office Administrator

The Bulkley Valley Community Foundation is current looking for a Office Administrator. 

Closing date: October 26th, 2018

See job posting here. 


Grants awarded for 2017


The Foundation approved the following grants for 2017

Affordable Recreation - Funding for equipment and dues for recreation for the financially challenged.

BV Brain Injury Association - Participants  will take pictures that communicate their thoughts and feelings regarding recovery from an acquired brain injury.

BV Child Development Centre - Assist with the construction of the childrens' accessible washroom and/or replacement of the reception area windows and doors.

BV Health Care and Hospital Foundation - Assist with the purchase of an overhead lift.

BV Naturalists - Assist with the production of the Bulkley Valley Perpetual Nature Diary.  

BV Regional Pool - McEwen Endowment Fund - Provide a swimming program for individuals with physical and cognitive disabilities.

BV Regional Pool - support the Recreation Access Program which provides for individuals and families to use the facilities at a discounted price.

BV Youth Writers - Assist with the Bulkley Valley Youth Writing Workshop series.

Ground Breakers Agricultural Association - Assist with the Learning Gardens Project

2017 Highschool Curling Championships - Contributed toward the cost of hosting the championships which were held in Smithers. 

Hope Air  - Assist with medical flights for residents residing in the Bulkley Valley and the Hazeltons.

Houston Mountain Biking Association - Provide tools that can be used in the development and maintenance of a new trail system at Mount Harry Davis.

Learners Opportunity Group(Hazelton) - Assist with purchasing and delivering parenting pamphlets to families.

Moricetown Band - Assist with the purchase of a sign for the Moricetown Museum.

Navy League (Smithers Branch) - assist with Project Sleep Well

Smithers Curling Club - Assist with the purchase of coffee urns.

Smithers Gallery Association - Assist with the purchase of a printer.

Smithers Pregnancy Outreach - Assist with the North Community Birth Program.

Smithers Ski & Snowboard Club - The winner of our grant draw which was held in celebration of our 25th Anniversary! The funds were used to host a snowboard competition. 

ORGANIZATIONS AWARDED A CANADA 150 GRANT - These are matching grants from the Bulkley Valley Community Foundation and a partnership between the Community Foundations of Canada, the Govenment of Canada and private and philanthropic partners.

Girl Guides of Canada - Smithers Branch - Provided funds to assist with their Project SOAR-Fox Fest which Smithers is hosting and will see approximately 2,000 attendants from across Canada.

Houston Link to Learning - Assist with their project entitled Community Garden 150 Celebration.

Smithers Art Gallery/Bulkley Valley Museum - Assist with their joint project entitled Canada 150: What's Your Story?

Valley Youth Fiddlers - Assist with the production of Alaria's Fiddle a musical and theatrical production. 





The Bulkley Valley Community Foundation strives to improve quality of life in our communities by awarding local organizations grants.




The Bulkley Valley Community Foundation allocates its revenue generated on the endowment funds to grants annually.




We'd like to thank you for your generous donations and support because with out your contribution our community would not be the same.




We provide community leadership and offer citizens of the Bulkley Valley the opportunity to invest in the betterment of their communities.