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​To apply for a Learning Award, you must submit a complete application package by May 15, 2022. If you have any questions about the process, contact BVCF at The following documents provide more details: Learning Awards Policy, BVCF Learning Awards FAQ, description and criteria for the award(s) that you are applying for. Descriptions, criteria and application forms are found on the individual award pages following.

Your application package must include:

Application Form pertaining to the award that you are applying for.

Cover Letter, signed

Two Reference Letters, signed

1. Application form. Use a separate form for each award:

  • Fritz Pfeiffer Adult Learning Award Application Form, fillable MS Word OR printable PDF version
  • BVCF Grade 12 Learning Award Application Form, fillable MS Word OR printable PDF version
  • Wetzin’kwa Grade 12 Learning Award Application Form, fillable MS Word OR printable PDF version

To use a FILLABLE Microsoft Word form:

i. Use the Microsoft Word version of the application form. The file will open in a format that allows certain boxes to be completed. Boxes requiring input show as “Click or tap here to enter text”.

ii. Save this form to your computer and complete the required information. Do not fill out the form with your internet browser.

iii. When you have finished editing the form use the “save as” function to save the file and select a new name using your last name first. Save in pdf format.

To use a PRINTABLE PDF form:

i. Download and print the PDF version of the application form. Fill in required information.

ii. Scan and email to the BVCF OR send a copy by mail with your letters.

2. Cover Letter

Your cover letter is an important component of your application. The BVCF Learning Awards committee will review it carefully when determining eligibility for for the awards.


  • An introduction to yourself
  • Why you are applying for the award
  • Details of your achievements, volunteer work, and community, school and leadership activities
  • Why you feel you are a good applicant for the award.

You must sign the letter. Include with your application form.

3. Two Reference Letters

You must include two reference letters. References can be from current or past teachers, coaches, employers, mentors or others who are familiar with your achievements. Your references should explain why you are a good candidate for the award.

Letters must be signed by the references. Include with your application form(s).

Submit complete package including application form(s), cover letter and reference letters to BVCF by mail or email.

Your application will be reviewed and you will receive a reply whether you are successful or not.

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