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Communi-Tea Grant Giveaway

The foundation is having an Community Tea April 28th from 2:00 – 4:00 at the Old Church in Smithers. At the tea you can meet the directors, learn about the foundation and win a grant for a local non-profit organization. Refreshments, snacks and entertainment will be provided.

At the event you can put your favourite nonprofit organization's name in a draw to have that organization win one of two $1250 grants.

  • The draw for 2 prizes of $1250 will take place at 3:30
  • The winning organization must be a non-profit or charity
  • The foundation will work with the winner to complete a grant application that meet the requirements of the foundation
  • Each attendee over 18 years of age will get one ballot  

Projects funded by Grants

Canadian Red Cross

February 23, 2016

An enormous thank you for the $1200 grant!

We were so happy to receive your email confirming the Foundation would support this project aimed at both relocating and rebooting the Smithers HELP Office currently located in the local hospital. We strongly believe in the benefit both increased access and additional equipment for loan will bring to the community, and are very glad you believe in it too.

It's kind of an aside, but after writing hundreds of grants for Foundations around the province I've noticed something about small towns and their local supporters. When a Foundation like the BVCF supports a project, the impact is very often felt far beyond simply the funding. Because the entire Smithers HELP operation is 100% volunteer-run, volunteers feel a grant approval is a public acknowledgement that the time they give is valued, and that local decision-makers recognize that what they do is important. We're going to make sure not only those volunteers know how awesome you and the BVCF team are, we'll also do our best to let every HELP client know as well.

So to each of you - Geri and the team of decision makers who are going to help make

this project happen, thank you!



Christian Bates (and Stephanie Hencheroff in Prince George)
Grants & Awards Management BC & Yukon



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