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BVCF 2018 Communi-Tea 2x $1250 Giveaway

Congratulations to the BVCF 2018 Communi-Tea 2x $1250 Giveaway:

Alana Haugland (for, representing,) Special Olympics &
Candis Crump (for, representing) Northern Society for Domestic Peace

Thank you to all that came and spent their time with us.
Sharon Carrington, your music was a delight!
Thank you to the BVCF Board for hosting the Communi-Tea!
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Projects funded by Grants

Smithers Art Gallery Additional Track Lighting


November 26, 2015

Final Report to the Bulkley Valley Community Foundation

The gallery applied for funds to purchase additional track lighting which is used to illuminate the artwork and to provide lighting for art classes and workshops. As the photo below illustrates, the additional lighting has enabled the Gallery to better highlight and do justice to the artwork and greatly enhances the working environment for children and adults attending art camps and workshops. 

We are always appreciative of the funds awarded to us by the BV Community Foundation and are pleased to acknowledge your support on our Facebook page and on our website.

Thank you for your suppport




Susannah Lam
Grants Director



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