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BVCF Community Grants

Each year the BVCF offers community grants to not-for-profit organizations in our area.

Our purpose is to enhance the quality of life in our communities. Our fields of interest are education, social/family, fine arts, cultural, health, youth, community and sports/recreation.


October 15 - grant cycle begins

November 30 - 5 PM - deadline for grant applications


The BVCF has awarded grants since the early 1990’s. Our funds come from interest earned on donations from many generous individual and business donors. Our smallest grants are for a few hundred dollars. We have awarded grants for up to $6,000.00 but the average grant is in the $1,000.00 to $3,000.00 range. Our total available funding each year depends on donations and interest earned, and is typically $25,000.00 to $40,000.00.

We have awarded grants to many different organizations for projects that support community members from a wide range of ages and interests.


The BVCF area extends from Topley to Kitwanga including Granisle, Houston, Telkwa, Smithers and the Hazeltons in North Central B.C.


Organizations that are registered charities or qualified donees under the Income Tax Act are eligible to apply for BVCF grants.

Organizations that are NOT registered charities or qualified donees under the Income Tax Act may be eligible to apply for BVCF grants by contracting with an agency that is a registered charity, which will

• agree to have their charitable registration number used on the application

• accept any funds on behalf of the applicant

• provide a written statement of their agreement.

Grants are NOT made to individuals or businesses.


If your project is approved, we will complete a written grant agreement with your organization.


You must complete your project 12 months from the date of the grant agreement. BVCF must approve any extensions or changes. Organizations may submit more than one grant application, however, in most cases only one will be funded per grant cycle.

Multi-year grants and multi-agency grants may be awarded in some cases and additional conditions will apply.


In your application, please specify how you will publicly acknowledge BVCF contributions to your project. Grant final reports should include at least one photo of the project that we can publish.


​To apply for a BVCF community grant, we must receive a complete application package by November 30.

1. Read the following (download from documents list on the right side of this page):

BVCF Grant Policy

Guidelines for Partnering with a Registered Charity (If you are not a registered charity).

2. Download, assemble and save your documents. Your application must include the following documents:

i) Partnership Agreement with a Registered Charity. If applicable, work with your registered charity partner to complete this agreement.

ii) Most recent financial statement for the organization that is applying for the grant.

iii) Supplier quotes for the project, if available.

iv) The Grant Application Form.

3. Submit your documents

To use a FILLABLE Microsoft Word form:

i. Use the Grant Application Form, Microsoft Word version. The form is a fillable Word file. The file will open in a format that only allows certain boxes to be edited. Boxes requiring input show as Click or tap here to enter text..

ii. Save this form to your computer and complete the required information. Do not fill out the form with your internet browser.

iii. When you have finished editing the form use the “save as” function to save the file and select a new name (e.g. our-charity-1.doc, our-charity-2.doc and so on.) Save in pdf format and email to the BVCF.

Attach copies of

  • Partnership Agreement with a Registered Charity if applicable
  • Financial statement for your organization
  • Supplier quotes for the project, if available
  • 4-page Grant Application Form.

To use a PRINTABLE PDF form:

i. Download and print the Grant Application Form, PDF version. Fill in required information.

ii. Scan and email to the BVCF OR send by mail. Include copies of

  • Partnership Agreement with a Registered Charity if applicable
  • Financial statement for your organization
  • Supplier quotes for the project, if available
  • 4-page Grant Application Form.

Package must be legible and must arrive by 5 PM on November 30.

If you have any questions at any time about the process, contact us at OR by phone at 250-847-4356.

4. Your application will be reviewed and you will receive a reply whether you are successful or not.

5. If your project is approved we will prepare a grant agreement and sign it at our Grant Award Event or by alternate arrangement.

6. As your project progresses, retain receipts applicable to the portion of the project funded by BVCF showing the work and/or materials paid for and dated after the project approval date. You will need to submit these with your Final Report. Please keep copies of newsletters, newspaper articles, photographs and other materials especially those that acknowledge the BVCF contribution.

7. When your project is completed you will submit your Final Report. Include the receipts and publicity materlals. Once the final report has been approved then project funds will be dispersed to you.

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