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The Bulkley Valley Community Foundation is current looking for a Office Administrator. 

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2017 Bulkley Valley Community Foundation Recipients




Shantell Gagnon is going to pursue a career in the field of health care. She will begin by taking the Health Care Assistant Program at Northwest Community College and then will attend Vancouver Island University to become a registered nurse. Shantell says she is very excited to the working in a field where she feels she will have the opportunity to make a difference in peoples lives. Shantell enjoys volunteering for the Salvation Army and the Terry Fox Run. She has also volunteered at Silverthorn Elementary and helped with wrestling, band performances. Shantell enjoys music and helping people.


Marissa Denny plans on attending UNBC or the University of Victoria. She plans on earning a Bachelor of Arts, double majoring in history and policitical science and later a degree in education. She would like to enter politics first and later become a secondary school history teacher. While in high school, she has participated in drama and theatre, basketball, soccer, student leadership, the grad committee and voluntered in the school cafeteria. Marissa is interested in history, science, astornomy and paradoxes and enjoys baking and reading.


Nimrat Vij will attend either Simon Fraser University or the University of Victoria to pursue a career in Biomedical Engineering. Nimrat helps coach younger children playing soccer during the summer. In grade ten Nimrat was recognized with a certificate of achievements in guitar. has been part of the school leadership tema and the grad committee. Nimrat has volunteered in the pharmacy of Wrich Memorial Hospital and has also been a candy striper.  Nimrat enjoys music and the arts as well as being physically active.


Curtis Ripmeester will be attending Vancouver Island University. He will be attending the Resource Management Officer Technology Program and then will continue on to take the Bachelor of Arts Natural Resource Protection Degree with the intention of becoming a conservation officer. Curtis has played basketball and volleyball since Grade Four and this year coached his schools Grade Five/Six boys basketball team. He volunteers for his schools' lunch hour respite program as well as the St. James Anglican Soup Kitchen. He also helps out at his church by running the sound, powerpoint and lighting equipment. Curtis is very passionate about the outdoors and says his favorite activities are hunting and fishing but enjoys archery, hiking, snowboarding and biking.


Kenda Klubi will attend the College of New Caledonia first and then UNBC with the intention of obtaining a Bachelor of Science in nursing. Kendra volunteers at the Bulkley Valley District Hospital as a junior volunteer. She enjoys hunting and fishing and just being outdoors. She has a passion for art which includes painting, sketching and a new found interest in pottery.


Jaydin Haskins will be attending Thompson Rivers University with the career goal of becoming a high school teacher. Jaydin has participated in the Year Book Club, cross country running, basketball, and the Snowboard and Track and Field Teams. He has also been a volunteer for the Daffodil Dash. Sports are his main interests.


2017 Wetzin'kwa Community Forest Corporation Recipients


Rory McClenagan  will be attending UNBC and will be pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics with the intention of pursuing a career in either research in math, computational science, research in theoretical computer science or aeronautical engineering.  He has had eight years of training in the violin and will be continuing his studies in that area while he is attending UNBC. Once he has achieved his bachelor’s degree, Rory plans on pursing graduate studies in a subfield of math however, at this time is not exactly sure which direction he will take. As well as the eight years of training on the violin, Rory also has seven years of training in piano and has taught himself to play classical guitar. He has participated in the Orchestra North Summer Program and the Smithers String Community Orchestra for many years. Last year he led the first violin section as concertmaster. Rory states these opportunities have greatly improved his leadership skills. He also says that he enjoys learning about types of math such as number theory. He really likes horseback riding and recently has developed an interest in reading poetry, especially Robert Frost. His other hobbies include astronomy, sailing and cooking.

Bradley Wellington will be attending UNBC with the intent of obtaining a degree in Mechatronics Engineering which will allow him to pursue a career in Robotics Engineering. Bradley says that he has wanted to be a robotics engineer since he was nine and since then has taken every opportunity to further his knowledge in this field. He says physics and math have always been his best subjects. He states the following: “Robotics and automation will have a large impact on society as many occupations are displaced. This will be a major challenge for society and I believe it is important that people developing automation and robotics technology are cognisant of this fact. The technology developers will need to work with government to find ways to minimize or offset the impact of job loss on society. I want to be involved in the robotics and automation industry to help develop new technologies and ensure development is mindful of the challenges society will face.” Although Bradley has been involved in numerous extra curricular activities in Grade 11 and 12 he participated in the following: karate, technical theatre, Youth for a Better World, concert and jazz band, leadership and Junior Fire Crew. His hobbies are reading, computer games, running and woodworking.

Dallas Nikal recently completed his Associates of Science Degree in Environmental Geoscience. He is currently enrolled at UNBC in the Bachelor of Science Program with a major in Wildlife and Fisheries. Dallas states that after he completes his bachelor degree he plans to pursue a Masters Degree in Natural Resources and Environmental Studies in Biology.  When the projects were originally proposed he didn’t understand the logistics or consequences of any of the proposed developments. He wanted to understand the benefits and implications of these projects so that he could make informed decisions. So, he decided he wanted to pursue a career in wildlife biology to become informed and help his nation manage their resources. Dallas also sates that one of his career goals, after gaining more work experience, is to become a professor at a college or university to teach and inspire students in the field of science in the same way that he was inspired by his professors, colleagues and classmates. He also says that by getting an education he hopes to encourage other First Nations students to pursue post-secondary education in order to unite their community in making informed decisions for future generations. Dallas says he likes to include his wife and son in his hobbies which are snowboarding, hockey, baseball and soccer. He says he also enjoys fishing and hunting on the Wet’suwet’en Territory he grew up on.

The 2017 Nick Van Arem Award for Courage, Spirit and Determination was awarded to Braxton Wacholtz.








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